Michelle Bailey About Page Photo Montage

Greetings. I’m a realist painter living in Takoma Park, MD, a lovably quirky small town just northeast of Washington, D.C. which prides itself in keeping a small town feel, supporting local businesses and artists and celebrating its free-spirited nature by naming a rooster who once roamed the streets as its town icon. Many of my paintings capture scenes from this town.

I find that living in Takoma Park is a never-ending source of inspiration for my paintings. I’m painting what’s around me and what I love, finding both beauty and humor in my surroundings. I work with intense focus and attention to detail, spending 20 or more hours on a painting.

Moomin and Swedish Cookbook still life painting progressFor most of my paintings, I’ll create a collage from photos and sketches in order to visualize what I want my final painting to look like. After selecting a cigar box, art board or canvas, I use a single color—usually burnt umber—for the under painting, adding many more layers of paint until it is finished. With each painting, I learn something new about brushes, color, technique and canvas choice. I’ve also learned that if my easel is left unattended for even a minute, one of my five adorable cats will inevitably start knocking brushes around or step on the paint palette, leaving cute little paw prints all over everything.

Applying for Art Hop Takoma in January of 2014, which was my first art show, sparked the creation of seven Takoma Park-themed paintings, starting with Roscoe and the Polar Vortex. The growing series is called “Local * Organic * Freshly painted”. In 2017 I’ll  be adding to the Takoma Park Series, but also working on paintings inspired by my recent travels and other interests.

Please visit my Etsy shop to see my selection of prints, note cards and T-Shirts that are for sale. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments or would like to be added to my email list. Thank you for stopping by!